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34/35mm capsule mount


Studio 939 now offers 2 capsule saddles to accommodate most original and import 34mm and 35mm capsules. These capsule saddles are made from inexpensive plastic but are quite effective in the task of holding a microphone capsule securely.

As mounts are typically supplied with donor microphones, we now offer the saddles as a separate item.

The narrow saddle fits our 35mm K67 type capsule and a variety of other capsules.

The wide saddle has holes at 45 degrees and fits Eric Heiserman HK12 capsule, as well as our budget 34mm edge terminated capsule.

Complete mounts are also available in both saddle styles.

Standard M3 threaded standoffs can be used to easily adjust the height of the post type capsule. The photo show a 34mm Peluso K87i isolated backplane capsule mounted to this saddle with a 6mm standoff optimally position the capsule in the SYT-5 microphone headbasket.

The Acrylic spacer raises the rubber type mount 8mm.