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Budget Microphone Capsules


Studio939 currently offers several imported capsule options for DIY microphones. These are surprisingly decent sounding capsules for budget-conscious builds.


34MM Edge Terminated Capsule:

Due to the popularity of our C12 microphone kits, we have imported a high quality 34mm K67-based edge terminated capsule suitable for budget conscious builders. These capsules are 6 micron and backplate isolated, so they are suitable for use in the original ELA M251 polarizing scheme as well as our 9 pattern C12 configuration. The build quality and sonics on these capsules are quite good, but in this grade of Chinese manufactured capsule, we will find variation from unit to unit. This model was selected as an ideal entry level option.

For premium builds, we recommend premium handmade capsules from Tim Campbell (Denmark), or the upcoming capsule we are helping develop with TSKGUY from the forums (US). These are backplate-correct capsules that are much more difficult to build and tune than the Chinese K67 based designs. There is no other way to obtain the specific response characteristics of the C12 microphone although the Chinese capsules like the one offered here yield a general approximation.


35MM K67 Type Center Terminated Capsule:

We also offer a high quality 35mm K67 based capsule manufactured in China. This 6 micron capsule is well regarded by a number of microphone manufacturers and the sound quality is excellent.

The larger diameter and other improvements to the backplate design create less of a pronounced treble lift than the original K67 design allowing this capsule to be 100% useable and quite nice in flat response circuits.


34mm K67 Type Center Terminated Capsule:

This capsule has the same pronounced treble lift characteristic of the K67 capsule. Note, the backplates are not isolated on this unit, and as such it is not suitable for full pattern switching on the U87 circuit.


34mm K47 type capsule

Center terminated capsule suitable for most flat response microphone circuits.