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Alctron HT-11A Tube Microphone Body Kit


The Alctron HT-11A is a commonly available OEM Chinese microphone that has become a popular platform for modification due to favorable pricing an broad availability through a number of brands. We currently offer this body to the DIY community as a stripped body without any of the original electronics. Our kit is now supplied with a larger latch-type shock mount than the original pinch type mount, and a velvet lined wood box is also available for purchase separately.

The PST 100 power supply also commonly used in Chinese OEM tube microphones is supplied complete and functional with all of the factory original components. Our C12 kits utilize enough of the internal components to justify offering the power supply complete.

For builders who prefer to use an alternate case for their power supply or opt to build a phantom powered microphone in this body, we now provide a "microphone only" option which includes just the stripped microphone body and the shock mount without the factory PST 100 power supply.

Many builders choose to upgrade the inexpensive Chinese 7 pin cable and end connectors, so we added an option to omit the OEM cable to save cost for for builders who choose a premium type cable for their project.

Studio 939 designed and made tooling for custom headbaskets in our HT-11A offerings based on the aesthetic of the original C12. Because the HT-11A body diameter is larger than the original AKG microphone, we were able to achieve the correct proportions, but the headbasket is larger than the vintage original in all dimensions. We also offer a Chinese headbasket Type 3 variant that is shorter with more squared with tighter mesh. This is closer to the ELA M251 look, but the HT-11A body tube is smaller in diameter than the original ELA M251, so again, this body is not exact to the ELA M251, but a similar look is achieved. A 4th variant was accidentally manufactured when the factory re-made the tooling of the Type 3 headbasket. It ended up about 9mm taller than specified.

Please choose between 4 custom headbasket configurations for your microphone when ordering.

Type 1: Open single layer mesh C12 style headbasket

Type 2: Dual layer mesh C12 style headbasket

Type 3: Shorter dual layer ELA style headbasket with tighter meshing

Type 4: Taller version of the Type 3 headbasket

The default kit includes the following items:
- stripped body (with headbasket of choice)
- shockmount
- TPS 100 power supply
- 7 pin XLR cable

The "without cable" option includes the following items:
-stripped body (with headbasket of choice)
- shockmount
- TPS 100 power supply

The "body only" option includes the following items:
- stripped body (with headbasket of choice)
- shockmount

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