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Microphone Transformers


We are pleased to make these premium quality transformers available for purchase along with our donor microphones for various DIY vintage circuit microphones.

NOTE: Due to changes in volume purchase pricing structure, We are no longer able to stock AMI transformers. All AMI microphone transformers are, however still in production and can be purchased directly from AMI. Once our remaining stock is sold, we will transition our kits and projects to Cinemag.

Cinemag CM 13114 - 12:1 ratio transformer for C12 application

Cinemag CM 13113 - 9.5:1 ratio transformer for U87 application

Cinemag CM 13101 - 9.1:1 ratio transformer for FET47 application

A note from Fox Audio Research regarding the C12 transformer offerings from AMI and Cinemag:

The CM-13114 was wound by Cinemag at the request of Fox Audio Research to get a 12:1 transformer with the improved low end sound that Cinemag's laminations exhibit. Three different alloys are stacked in the core to create the improved low end. The Cinemag also has the signature 1dB down response at 20KHz using a plate follower 6072 tube that makes it sound warm.

The AMI T14 is a full 1dB down at 20Hz, but adds a small mid-range lift (.25dB) and is flat out to 20KHz which works great with capsules that are low end heavy like the CT12.