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Budget-47 body kit


This low-cost body kit shares the same internal dimensions as the 100% machined brass MK47 body kit , but material specifications and finish quality have been reduced to the lowest possible standards yet still produce a functional body.

- Cast zinc or "mystery Chinese pot metal" is used in the bottom cap. Internally, sometimes large inclusions and defects can be found in the casting. Externally, for the most part, the components look good.

- The microphone tube is anodized aluminum.

- The headbasket is a standard Chinese 2 layer setup which has meshing that may not align as perfectly as more expensive bodies, and is not true to the vintage original 3 layer meshing. We do, however offer an upgrade option for a very nice headbasket with vintage accurate dimensions and meshing.

- The body is designed to use 7 pin threaded Binder connectors (included with kit) part #99-2026-00-07 and part #09-0327-00-07

This body was discovered when searching for alternative U47 style body in the budget price bracket. As the cost was not significantly higher than the commonly used Alctron GT-2B body kit, we decided to bring these to the DIY market with the advantage of a closer dimensional specification to the vintage original.

The body kit includes:

-Microphone body
-Latch Clamp style shock mount
-Genuine Binder threaded 7-pin male mic connector and female cable connector.

OPTIONAL: Headbasket upgrade

Please note: This microphone does not come with a capsule mount but has screw hole provisions for center screw mounts (Thiersch, etc.) or 8mm spaced standard Chinese rubber capsule mounts.

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