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Budget-YT5 body kit


This low-cost body kit shares the same internal dimensions as the 100% machined brass GEN 2 SYT-5 body kit , but material specifications and finish quality have been reduced to the lowest possible standards yet still produce a functional body.

- Cast zinc or "mystery Chinese pot metal" is used in the bottom cap, bottom frame component (that contains the XLR insert), and headbasket base. Internally, sometimes large inclusions and defects can be found in the casting. Externally, for the most part, the components look good.

- The microphone tube is anodized aluminum

- The headbasket is a standard Chinese 2 layer setup which is considerably more open than the original 3 layer mesh configuration.

- Microphone markings are screen printed (NOT engraved and ink filled like the more expensive Gen 2 SYT-5)

- Shock mount is 21mm threaded. This may allow for the use with inexpensive and compact elbow mounts for drum mic applications.

- Headbasket attachment is 2 screw like the 1st Gen SYT-5 bodies which makes assembly a bit more complex than the 3 screw setup of the Gen 2 SYT-5.

This body was discovered when searching for alternative tapered, 3-switch microphone bodies in the budget price bracket. As the cost was not significantly higher than the numerous smaller body options, we decided to bring these to the DIY market with the advantage of immediate compatibility with most of the existing PCB sets.

The body kit includes:

-Microphone body
-Threaded shock mount
-Capsule mount with 34mm saddle (same as the old 1st Gen SYT-5)
-switches for pattern, low-cut, and pad

PCB kits for various microphone projects compatible with this body can be found at .

Please make sure to specify the XLR option (3pin or 7pin) required for your build. The default option is the 7 pin XLR insert because it is notoriously difficult to find this part through normal channels. The readily available Switchcraft 3 pin XLR insert fits in this body.

Please note some PCB kits come with the required PCB to mount the 3 switches and others do not. Please double check to see if you need to buy this board for your specific build.

For the shockmount, we recommend removing the felt padding for better thread engagement to the microphone.

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