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C12 and ELA M251 Microphone Parts kits


Electronic parts to populate the C12 microphone and power supply pcb set featuring:

- Nichicon electrolytic capacitors
- polystyrene audio capacitors
- Erse metalized polypropylene output capacitor
- thick film resistors in high impedance sections
- Lorin pattern switch

Please note, the item is for the electronic components only. The PCB needs to be purchased separately here.

We are pleased to offer AMI's outstanding T14 vintage reproduction transformer and Cinemag CM-13114 transformer here.

This parts package contains the electronic components needed to fully populate the C12 clone microphone and power supply PCB's.

Known compatible donor microphones:

Alctron HT-11A (available here)
ShuaiYin SYT-1200
Apex 460

The original output capacitor on the AKG C12 is .5uF. True to the original specification, this kit includes a .56uF audio grade polypropylene capacitor, but a popular option is to replace the stock value with a 1uF-2uF output capacitor. The result will be slightly slower transient response and more bass extension. The 1uf replacement is offered as a kit option. The ELA M251 circuit utilizes a 3uf output capacitor.

For a step-by-step pictorial guide to building this microphone, please visit the official support thread on the GroupDIY forum:


The ELA M251 conversion kit is to be used in conjunction with the standard C12 parts kit. It is available as a separate item for customers who already have the basic C12 parts kit but wish to build the ELA configuration. It includes additional capacitors and high value resistors to implement the ELA M251 preamp circuit.

Our ELA kit opts to retain the C12's 9 pattern PSU controlled polarizing scheme, so in that regard, it is a hybrid. The original ELA switched patterns at the microphone and had 3 polar patterns. In practice, the sonics should not be effected and an honest representation of the ELA M251 sound should be achieved by this kit as the preamp circuit is faithfully reproduced.

please note, complete step-by-step build documentation for the ELA M251 configuration has not been completed yet, but all of the required information is available in the official build and support thread. We will be updating the thread with ELA build documentation shortly.