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C12 Vintage Microphone Clone PCB Set


This PCB set is designed by Matador at the web forums. Is is a faithful circuit reproduction of the vintage AKG C12 microphone and is designed to fit in the popular Alctron HT-11A or Apex 460 donor microphone body.

The revision "V1.4A" microphone PCB is designed with an attractive turret-board style layout and is able to accept a number of capacitor options for experimentation. The new revision also debuts a ceramic composite board material with resistance characteristics comparable to teflon and significantly improved resistance to moisture absorption.

The power supply pcb is designed to fit precisely in the stock Alctron 9 pattern power supply case and upgrades the power supply to full wave rectification, vastly improved filtering, and adds a tube bias voltage supply as prescribed by the original C12 circuit. Many of the stock power supply parts are reused (power transformer, IEC, jacks, pattern switch) reducing the overall project cost to build this microphone kit significantly. The power supply PCB is made of standard FR4 board material with an improved soldermask formulation specified by Matador.

For a step-by-step pictorial guide to building this microphone and technical support for this project, please visit the official support thread on the GroupDIY forum: