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CU-49 microphone body kit


(NOTE: ONLY B-STOCK AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME) B-stock bodies are functional, but the headbasket meshing is not aligned straight.

This is a high quality imported microphone body kit suitable for building M49 type tube microphone circuit inside. It is all brass construction with no mystery pot metal parts except in the shock mount and the cable connector.

The headbasket is a 3 layer mesh configuration. No internal frame rails or capsule mounting provisions are included in this kit. 3 M3 threaded holes are provided on the base plate for mounting round PCB's horizontally inside the microphone body.

The current iteration is set up for 961 series Binder connectors and the primary option includes the connector for the base of the microphone as well as the cable end connector. If you with to forego the expensive connector and devise your own solution, I am offering the body kit without the connector which is a significant portion of the overall cost.

The standard kit includes:
CU-49 body kit
CU-49 pinch type shock mount
Binder 09 0043 00 07 male base connector (7 pin)
Binder 09 0042 00 07 female threaded cable end connector (7 pin)

The bare bones (no connector) option includes:
CU-49 body kit
CU-49 pinch type shock mount

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