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Custom Headbasket for C12 Clone Microphone


These custom headbaskets are manufactured to our specifications for our C12 and upcoming Ela M251 microphone projects. These are brass headbaskets with a polished nickel plate finish.

Three mesh configurations are available for a closer conformation to the vintage original microphone or to give the mic builder one more option to fine tune the sonic properties of their particular build or select the level of capsule protection desired.

- Type 1 single layer (best for C12 clone)

- Type 2 dual layer same shape as type 1

- Type 3 short flat-top dual layer with tighter mesh (Best for ELA M251 clone)

-Type 4 tall flat-top dual layer (same meshing as type 3)

These headbaskets are carefully designed to fit the Alctron HT-11A microphone body and is also compatible with Apex 460, ShuaiYin SYT-1200, Telefunken AR-51, Stellar CM5, Advanced Audio CM12, JJ Audio Dutch, and quite a few other microphones that are based on the same tooling.

B-stock headbaskets typically exhibit crooked mesh and/or finish abnormalities. These are good options if you wish to try the sonics of a particular mesh type or want to execute a budget build where aesthetics are not a major concern.