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HT-11A Microphone Proto PCB


This "clean-slate" board is designed to facilitate a point to point turret-board style tube microphone circuit to be constructed in the Alctron HT-11A donor microphone body.

There are no traces present on this board except for the heater supply voltage. All connections in circuit need to be made point to point. A ground plane is provided with multiple points of access placed conveniently throughout the board.

The top 4 holes in the PCB are spec'd to accept Keystone 11308 press-fit, teflon-isolated turrets. Any of the other turret solder points that natively accept Keystone 1540-2 solder solder-in turret can be easily enlarged with a 9/64 inch drill bit to accept the Keystone teflon isolated turret if the builder decides to isolate part or all of the circuit.

If the particular circuit requires more turrets, an additional board can be purchased, cut, and the upper half (above the tube) can be mounted in the HT-11A body on the opposite side of the main board.

This is not a board that should be utilized by beginners to DIY electronics as a through understanding of the circuit is necessary along with the ability to translate the circuit into a workable component layout on the board.