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Microphone Shock Mounts


Shock mounts for various microphone types. These are economically priced, good quality shock mounts suitable for a variety of projects.

- U47 shock mount fits the 60mm diameter original U47 and a variety of clone bodies. (temporarily out of stock)

-GT-2B shock mount is a threaded M27 base mount compatible with the Alctron GT-2B microphone (NADY TCM-1050, and also other branded mics). It is also compatible with our previous 1st generation SYT-5 microphones but NOT with the current production ones which are M24 threaded.

-HT-11A shock mount is a dual clip type upgrade shock mount that fits Alctron HT-11A microphone as well as Apex 460 and other 44mm microphone bodies.

Note: In order to keep shipping rates on this item reasonable, if ordered by itself internationally, this item ships via first class mail which does not have tracking and may take a long time to arrive. When combined with other items, all items will be shipped via the normal insured Priority Mail which also arrives much faster.