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Microphone Tubes

Image of Microphone Tubes


As a courtesy to our kit builders, we are beginning to stock select tubes for our microphone kits. These are sourced from Christian Whitmore and meticulously tested on the highest quality modern measuring devices.

Each one of the tubes we stock are tested for microphonics, noise, and each select tube is also tested for sonics and burned in for 48 hours prior to shipping to ensure stability.

This rigorous testing ensures a tube that will function flawlessly right out of the box and eliminates a build variable that can cause all manner of problems in a new build.

Currently, we are offering new old stock Mullard 12AT7's as an option for our C12 and ELA M251 kits. Due to the dwindling supply of low-noise old stock GE 6072A tubes, we feel a responsibility to preserve the remaining supply of those tubes and offer a viable vintage alternative.

All currently shipping C12 and ELA M251 electronic parts kits contain the required alternate resistor values to utilize the 12AT7 family tubes.

Our C12 microphone kit has had a direct impact on the worldwide supply of NOS GE 6072A tubes and prices are escalating on these tubes. We strongly urge kit builders who are utilizing K67 based Chinese capsules to use the NOS Mullard 12AT7 that may actually pair better with the Chinese capsule to tame the inherent upper register harshness of those import capsules.

Please reserve GE 6072A tubes for builders who use the more expensive backplate-correct vintage reproduction capsules (Tim Campbell, Beesneez, Eric Heiserman). Let's work together to maximize the sonic potential of the remaining supply of NOS 6072A tubes and go about our DIY in a responsible manner.