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MK47 microphone body kit (rev 2)


The MK47 is an imported mid-priced U47 style microphone body with a 60mm tube diameter. It utilizes a 90 degree 3-rail frame system and a standard 7 pin XLR connector at the base. The base is also threaded for commonly available M22 swivel mounts (swivel mount not included). Revision 2 has slightly altered PCB mounting provisions.

The headbasket is properly dimensioned and the grill configuration accurate to the vintage U47. This body is nickel plated brass.

We offer these bodies in stripped configuration, and the kit includes:

- microphone body
- latch type microphone shock mount
- 7 pin XLR insert
- stock rubber capsule mount with 32mm saddle

NOTE: microphone bodies do not have any screen printing or extra drill holes for brand plates. Photos will be updated soon to reflect actual production run units.