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Silver Teflon hookup wire


PTFE stranded silver telfon hookup wire for microphone kits or other DIY projects. These colors were selected to match the stock power supply wiring of our C12 microphone kit and contains enough wire to build 2 kits.

Please note, teflon shielding material is notoriously hard to strip and conventional methods may prove frustrating. I find it easiest to cut around the perimeter manually with a razor blade to strip the wire. The trade-off is superior isolation of the teflon material and very high melting point which means the shield material does not shrink, melt, or burn during normal soldering like other common shield materials.

This kit contains 18 inch pieces of 22 gauge wire in the following colors:

- Red
- Black
- White
- Violet
- Green
- Blue
- Grey
- Yellow

And 12 inch pieces of 28 gauge wire for capsule connections in the following colors:

- Red
- Grey