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SYT-5 gen 3 microphone body kit


(Note: Current stock is original ShuaiYin factory unit with type 3 specifications. Base assembly and shock mount differ slightly from photos, but function the same.
Thread engagement is a little bit short on the threaded shock mount, but adequate.)

The gen 3 SYT-5 microphone body kit is a high quality brass body suitable for building vintage circuit U87 and U67 clones with readily available printed circuit boards or building your own custom microphones. The 3rd generation body updates the bottom cap of the microphone body. The body kit includes the following parts:

- Microphone Body
- Shock Mount
- capsule mount
- 7 pin XLR insert
- pattern, low-cut, and pad switches

These Chinese-manufactured bodies are made from machined brass with steel internal frame rails. The finish is bead blasted nickel plating. Markings are engraved with black paint infill. This particular body does NOT utilize lower-cost aluminum or "mystery pot metal" (cast zinc alloy) commonly found in imported microphone bodies.

Note: This is not a complete, functioning microphone, and the kit options have changed slightly from the first generation SYT-5 model.

PCB kits for various microphone projects compatible with this body can be found at .

Please check if the kit you plan to build includes a switch mounting PCB. As there are now many kit options available for this body, it is difficult to track which PCB sets have this essential board and which ones do not. In general, the U67 clone PCB sets from various vendors include the switch PCB while the U87 style boards typically do not. Due to the Hi--Z nature the circuit in the switch PCB area, our switch PCB's are ceramic composite for better isolation characteristics.

Also, note the body kit comes with the 7 pin XLR insert as standard. Please select the 3 pin option if you are not building a tube microphone. Switchcraft 3 pin XLR inserts also fit inside the body.