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TPS100 Tube Microphone Power Supply


This is a common power supply for OEM Chinese microphones. Typically supplied with a dual winding 195V and 9V transformer with dual primary coils for 110V and 220V operation.

Our C12 kit currently utilizes this power supply as a base and utilizes the power transformer and primary wiring.

To build a robust regulated heater, passive B+ tube microphone power supply that can be adapted to most tube microphone circuits (except for U47), we offer our own power supply PCB and electronic components kit that can be used with this donor power supply.

Please select the POWER SUPPLY BOARD ONLY option in the drop-down menu of the C12 PCB set to buy the required PCB, and the POWER SUPPLY PARTS ONLY option in the C12 Electronic components kit to buy the electronic components for assembling your own robust DIY tube mic power supply.

Please note, this kit will NOT work with U47 type microphones that utilize a single 105V output that supplies both heater and B+.

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